Corrosion-resistant  fasteners are a great investment to ensure that decking, trim and siding products are installed to last a lifetime. We specialize in fasteners to meet the high expectations of our customers. Selectwood stocks a large inventory of stainless steel screws and nails, both conventional or for power guns as well as hidden deck fastening systems.

EB-TY Fasteners

Selectwood stocks EB-TY's, in a variety of spacing for different deck board widths and thicknesses. EB-TY's hold decking invisibly from a groove pre-cut into the side of the decking.

GRK Screws
GRK offers a complete line of high quality fasteners for almost any application and size range. All of GRK's products are unique, featuring at least one patent. GRK always aims to improve its existing fasteners and to develop new and exciting products for professionals and handymen. GRK is a company built on innovation, quality and continuous improvement.

Stainless Pneumatic Nails
Selectwood stocks a variety of sizes designed to fit most nail guns. We recommend plastic collated nails for ultimate protection of siding from fastener staining.

Pneumatic Finish Nails & Brads
Selectwood stocks more sizes of stainless steel finish nails and brads to fit most popular nail guns.

Specialty manufacturer of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant fasteners. Regardless of the climate Simpson fasteners perform.

Stainless Steel Screws, Nails and Staples

Used for ultimate protection against staining and corrosion. Stainless steel fasteners are a good investment.