Selectwood stocks mouldings in both wood and composites for interior and exterior applications. Moisture-resistant PVC and Western Red Cedar mouldings are a great choice for exterior applications where many conventional wood mouldings do not perform well. We have created our own collection of poplar mouldings inspired by many classic New England designs. Mouldings are available primed or natural wood.

AZEK Mouldings
AZEK mouldings have the same look and feel of AZEK Trim developed with breakthrough cellular PVC technology. Impervious to moisture and insects, AZEK Mouldings won't rot, crack or split in any exterior application.

Custom Mouldings
Custom moulding requests range from as little as a few feet to match an existing profile to thousands of feet in a natural hardwood or matching a custom design required by an architect. We welcome matching moulding profiles for all such jobs. Custom moulding requests can be quoted and produced in as little as one week.

Exterior Composite Mouldings
Composite technology has helped create maintenance free mouldings that are completely resistent to decay and will hold a paint finish for years. Our exterior collection includes extruded cellular PVC mouldings by such experienced manufacturers as AZEK and Royal.

Flexible Mouldings
Carter Millwork is a leading provider of custom flexible mouldings for curved architectural needs. All mouldings are efficiently custom cast to match any profile and curve radius for an exact fit.

Selectwood Cedar Mouldings
Made from the highest quality kiln dried clear Western Red Cedar. Primarily for exterior use where paint retention, rot resistance and dimensional stability are of prime importance.

Selectwood Poplar Mouldings
The Selectwood Poplar Collection is milled from the highest quality kiln dried clear Poplar for our customers wanting distinctive interior designs. The Selectwood Collection continues to grow and is available in natural and primed white finish.

Wood Treated and Composite Mouldings
Selectwood stocks a variety of wood composite mouldings for both interior and exterior use. Primed MDF wood composite mouldings are primarily for interior use and offer crisp milled profiles, all long lengths and an economical alternative to solid wood moulding. Treated wood moulding from P-5 Pine can be used both in interior and exterior applications and offer a versatility not found in other wood mouldings.