Sealants, Adhesives & Fillers

Today's high tech composites require properly specified and applied sealants, adhesives and fillers to make projects last longer. Many of today's new products exceed the expectations of our customers in how easy they are to work and how well they perform.

AZEK adhesive provides exceptional bonding power for cellular PVC boards. This water based PVC cement is non-toxic, odorless, UV stable and can be cleaned up easily with water.

Dap Alex Products

Superior quality multi-purpose acrylic latex caulks that are highly flexible and durable. Alex Plus also contains silicone. Cured Alex Caulk is mildew resistant, paintable, cleans up with water and carries a 35-year durability guarantee.

Duo-Sil® by Siroflex
Duo-Sil®  is a special formulation of urethane and acrylic emulsion made for professionals. Available in a multitude of colors but is also paintable for enhanced versatility.

Great Stuff™ Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant
Great Stuff Insulating foam sealants quickly bonds to substrates for a long-lasting seal. Window & Door is a minimal expanding, low pressure foam that forms a durable, airtight, water-resistant seal between window and door frames.

Loctite PL Adhesives and Sealants
PL is the professional line of Loctite products. The PL line of adhesives and sealants is specially formulated for extreme conditions that professional applications demand.

Pro Flex® by Geocel

Geocel manufacturers high quality sealant, caulks and adhesives for the construction industry. Pro Flex is a high performance elastomeric sealant that provides a tough durable watertight seal that adheres to most building materials even when wet or oily.