Sealants, Adhesives & Fillers

Today's high tech composites require properly specified and applied sealants, adhesives and fillers to make projects last longer. Many of today's new products exceed the expectations of our customers in how easy they are to work and how well they perform.

ALEX Products

Superior quality multi-purpose acrylic latex caulks that are highly flexible and durable. ALEX Plus also contains silicone. Cured ALEX CAULK is mildew resistant, paintable, cleans up with water and carries a 35-year durability guarantee.

AZEK Products

AZEK Cellular PVC Cement - UV Stable, Virtually Oderless, Non-Flammable, Clear, Low Voc, No primer required and medium body. 

Geocel Products

Flexible Caulking Sealant for roofing, doors and windows.  

Loctite Products

Loctite PL 400 VOC Compliant Subfloor & Deck Adhesive provides a powerful, permanent bond and is formulated for all heavy duty interior or exterior construction. Cold weather formula for easier extrusion and excellent adhesion in all weather conditions. 


Oatey Medium Clear PVC Cement is formulated for use on all schedules and classes of PVC pipe and fittings up to 6" diameter with interference fit. 

Trim Welder

Trim Welder is high performance adhesives suitable for today's PVC trim and decking. Trim Welder structural PVC Adhesives are solvent free and exceed Federal VOC and CARB emission requirements. 


10.3 oz. Caulk Tube

20 oz Window & Door Spray Foam

2.25 oz. 2P-10 Adhesive & 12 oz. Activator

2.25 oz. 2P-10 Adhesive