Lumber - Specialty

Selectwood's specialty lumber is used for interior and exterior applications available in different board grades and sizes or special patterns. Pre-primed or finished boards are popular options. Our wood is kept clean and dry in our heated warehouse. We boast the largest most diverse inventory of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Meranti in New England. If we do not have the lumber you need in stock, we can generally get it in just a few days.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Pacific Yellow Cedar grows only on the Pacific coast of North America between Oregon and Alaska. This prized wood is densest of all cedars and has excellent resistance to insects and decay. It machines exceptionally well. Alaskan Yellow Cedar grows slowly with 50-60 annual rings per inch with some trees reaching 1200 years old.

Atlantic White Cedar
Atlantic White Cedar grows primarily in swampy areas of the southern U.S. It is naturally resistant to insects, rot and decay. It is most commonly used in exterior applications like decking or siding. It weathers naturally to a beautiful silver grey color.

Aromatic Cedar
Traditional knotty appearance wood for cedar closets and chests. Tongue and groove board packages typically cover 35 square feet.

Freshly milled Cherry typically has a very pale appearance but within a year the surface oxidizes to an exquisite rich brown red color. Cherry is popular for interior applications in furniture and cabinet work. Cherry is easy to machine, fine textured and relatively durable. We stock Cherry in surfaced 3/4" net thickness boards. Other sizes are readily avaible within a week.

Douglas Fir
Clear Douglas Fir's rich natural appearance and durability continue to be featured in many of today's residential and commercial buildings. No dealer stocks more sizes and patterns from leading manufacturers than Selectwood.

Enhance Paneling

Enjoy the convenience and look of prefinished Eastern White Pine with Enhance Paneling. This beautifully made 1" x 6" tongue and groove pine is factory finished with a protective, transparent Azure Coating that is practical and affordable. Enhance is quick to install with less jobsite mess and no finish odors. Enhance comes in a clear natural finish as well as White Wash, Almond and Colonial transparent shades.

Inland Red Cedar
A versatile slightly smaller Western Cedar specie found growing away from the West Coast of the U.S. Potlatch makes many sizes and grades.

Complement any outdoor project with the beauty, strength and durability of Ipe lumber from Selectwood. Ipe is considered the premier tropical hardwood decking.

A relatively light colored wood with a pale to medium gold appearance. Maple is strong, has a fine grain, uniform texture and known for its durability mostly in indoor application. We stock S4S 3/4" net boards with any other sizes available almost immediately.

Red Meranti is a medium brown tropical hardwood often mistaken as Philippine mahogany. Selectwood stocks clear Meranti boards in 1", 5/4" and 2" thickness from environmentally conscious producers like Blue Star.

This highly regarded wood is available in an array of widths and thicknesses. Poplar is used mostly for fine, paint-grade interior trim and cabinet applications where a quality appearance is desired.

Port Orford Cedar
Port Orford Cedar is light colored western cedar that is a cousin of Eastern White Cedar. It is characterized by straight even grain and citrus aroma. A durable wood for interior and exterior applications.


Sapele is native to Africa and has reddish brown tropical hardwood appearance. It is popular in Europe for furniture and cabinet work. Sapele is often mistaken and is a great substitute for South American Mahogany. It machines with relative ease and is similar to Teak in density.

South American Mahogany
South American Mahogany is also referred to as Honduran Mahogany or Genuine Mahogany. Of all the tropical hardwoods that look very similar, this Mahogany is preferred Mahogany of cabinet and furniture makers since it is easy to machine, has an exceptional appearance, is extremely stable and is relatively durable even in the elements. Genuine Mahogany is an important export in South America and today much of South American Mahogany is plantation grown.

Utile often referred to as Sipo is an African species often used as a less expensive alternative to Genuine Mahogany. It's color is similar to Mahogany with a tropical hardwood interlocking grain. Utile is similar in density to Mahogany and has become a popular alternative since it is relatively easy to machine.

Western Red Cedar
Considered one of the world's most highly prized woods for beauty, workability, durability and stability. Selectwood is a WRCLA member. We stock more sizes, grades and patterns of Western Red Cedar from the Northwest's finest mills.