Specialty Tools

We're always evaluating tools that make our products more efficient to install. Sometimes our customers will bring specialty tools to our attention. If the tool is not commonly available we' stock it. A relatively obscure tool can sometimes be a huge time saver at a job site. We stock a limited number of specialty tools that are brilliant in accomplishing tasks. Contact the Selectwood Sales Team with tool ideas or questions.


The CAMO® Edge Deck Fastening System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deck board. CAMO deck screws and a CAMO Marksman tool combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier. The system includes CAMO Edge Fasteners, CAMO Marksman and Marksman Pro tools and CAMO Driver Bits.

Deck Demon

The Ultimate Tool for Deck Demolition! Contractors and homeowners alike love the Deck Demon because it blasts through the demolition phase of the project and gets them to what really matters...construction. The Deck Demon removes decking on a 12' by 12' deck in less than 25 minutes. It allows you to work from a standing position to wreck the deck, not your back.

Drivers and Bits

#1 Square Bit

#15 Torx Bit

#20 Torx Bit

#2 Square Bit

#7 Smart Change

#7 Smart Replacement

#40 6 Lobe Bit

#8 Smart Bit Pro Plug Tool

#8 Smart Bit Replacement

Cortex Driver Bit - Use with Trim & Decking

Ipe Clip Drill & Drive Kit, Deckwise


EDGEfast locks two edges of PVC and most square -edge wood decking with just one placement over the joist. EDGEfast makes a positive connection of decking to joist without any lateral movement. The patent-pending EDGEfast pneumatic tool has interchangeable decking gaps and guides - 0", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4", or a custom gap of your choice. Install decking five times faster than conventional methods.

Edge Eyewear

Work safe,  play safe with Edge Eyewear. Protecting you with high standards and featuring an adjustable, black nylon cord.

Feeney Cable Rail

Cable Tension Gauge

Cable Tensioning Tool




Power tools by Festool allow the professional contractor to work faster, easier, marter and healthier. German engineered to outperform the quality and functional standards of any competitor, Festool accessories are designed to function in integrated systems.

Freud Blades & Bits

Whether you are a fine woodworker or a high-production cabinet shop, one thing is for certain...you depend on the best, most precise cutting tools that deliver a superior, quality finish with long cutting life. Each Freud product is carefully crafted using the best materials, industry-leading innovative designs and most sophisticated manufacturing process.

Hardwood Wrench

The ultimate tool for straightening the most difficult tropical deck boards. Allows for hands-free, one-man operation. So strong it can bend multiple boards simultaneously.


7" Diamond Blade


Fits 1/4" I/M Type Fittings

Fits 1/4" T Type Fittings

Fits 3/8" P or T Type Fittings

Tie Downs

15" Ratcheting Tie Down

SBC Shake & Shingle Installation Tool

The SBC Shake and Shingle Tool eliminates the need to nail a ledger board and snap lines. Will improve accuracy and installation time of sidewall wood shingles.

Speedeck Tool

Speedeck is a groundbreaking, deck spacing tool that allows up to five boards to be installed at once, all with perfect 3/16" gaps. Speedeck models are available for 3-1/2", 5-3/16" and 5-1/2" deck boards while using nails, screws and hidden fasening systems to secure the boards.


STABILA tools are precision made to the highest standards. In addition to traditional, bubble-type spirit levels in a variety of sizes, STABILA also makes hi-tech tools such as laser levels and electronic levels.