Specialty Tools

We're always evaluating tools that make our products more efficient to install. Sometimes our customers will bring specialty tools to our attention. If the tool is not commonly available we' stock it. A relatively obscure tool can sometimes be a huge time saver at a job site. We stock a limited number of specialty tools that are brilliant in accomplishing tasks. Contact the Selectwood Sales Team with tool ideas or questions.

Bo-jak Board Straightening Tool
Essential tool for straightening crooked or twisted deck boards. Creates plenty of power to pull boards into place before fastening. Easy to use in a variety of situations from decks to ceiling paneling.

Features special jigs that fit over individual deck boards. The jigs create a 3/16" gap between deck boards and ensures precise angled screw placement on either side of the deck board side allowing the screw head to be nearly invisible. Screws are available with a standard Protech coating guaranteed against rust and corrosion or in stainless steel for coastal environments.

Duck Bill
The Duckbill Deck Wrecker straddles a single or double 2x joist with a steel head to pry nailed or screwed boards up using maximum leverage. Equipped with a strong fiberglass handle and a padded non-slip grip, it's ready for your toughest jobs. The Duckbill Deck Wrecker can be used on roof joists, to remove wood siding, and almost anywhere you need to remove boards.

Work faster, easier and smarter with Festool, the tools and accessories that are designed to work together in a completely integrated system. Every accessory or component adds value allowing the user to be more productive. With Festool there is a complete commitment to quality, product longevity, professionalism and user comfort not found in other products. Constant innovation and product integration make Festool the tools you want to own.

HIDfast Decking System
The HIDfast Gun with its' unique collated stainless steel fasteners is one of the quickest ways to install deck boards. The gun and fastener system requires no nails or screws which take additional time to install. All fastening is hidden for a more attractive finished deck.

SBC Shake & Shingle Tool
When installing wood side wall shingles the SBC Shake & Shingle Tool eliminates the need to install ledger boards with nails. Also eliminates measuring and snapping lines to align shingles. Faster installation times equate to higher profits.