Timbers & Beams

Eldredge/Selectwood supplies wood timbers and beams for a multitude of applications including structured or decorative components for barns and buildings, outdoor structures including pergolas and specialty projects such as a covered bridge. Wood beams range in length and dimension for 4" x 4" to 14" x 16". Timbers and beams are also Grade A or evaluated relative to their appearance and appropriateness for structural use. Contact the Selectwood Sales Team to review our options for your next project. If we don't have a grade or size we can generally get the desired timber in four to ten business days.

Clear Douglas Fir

Known for extreme strength as well as wonderful appearance qualities. Douglas Fir has been a staple for Selectwood's beam and timber business throughout the years.

Eastern Hemlock

Known for strength and durability, rough sawn Eastern Hemlock is produced from a great value for beams and timbers. All orders are beautifully custom milled to job specifications and because they are manufactured in New England timbers are typically available in 5 to 7 business days.

Full Sawn Rough 16' - 40'



Knotty Douglas Fir 100% Free Heart 8' 20'


Red Meranti


Western Red Cedar

Highly sought aftere for beautiful appearance grade timbers. Western Red Cedar is often used for outdoor applications where stability and resistance to rot and decay are desires.