Wind & Water Protection

Exterior building components including doors and windows require appropriate waterproofing and flashing systems for long-term protection from the elements. Selectwood stocks flashing, drip cap, building wrap and a host of other products to protect your investment and assure the longevity of your building project.

Cedar Breather By Bengamin Obdyke
The easy and fast system to create air space between wood shingles and the under lying substrate. Cedar Breather vents excess moisture and helps reduce potential moisture problems behind shingles.

Dupont Flashing Products
Dupont developer's and manufacturers durable, tough, flexible flashing products for superior water protection. The self-adhering flashing products include, stocked at Selectwood, Flexwrap, Straight Flash and Dupont Flashing Tape.

Home Slicker
The unique, vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of Home Slicker® provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a thermal break and pressure equalization-eliminating the threat of trapped moisture.

Hydro Gap
Hydro Gap by Benjamin Obdyke is at least two times faster that any other drainable housewrap in removing trapped moisture behind siding. Hydro Gap uses 1mm spacers bonded to high performance housewrap to create a low-profile drainage space. This eliminates the need to change trim thickness.

Ice and Water Shield
Ice and Water Shield by Grace protects the life of roofs by guarding against leaks caused by ice dams and wind driven rain. Ice and Water Shield is the original most trusted self adhering product of its kind and is still the number one solution for builders and architects.

Keene Driwall Rainscreen
Keene Building Products has developed Driwall Rain Screen that provides an innovative drainage mat positioned behind exterior siding or veneer products. The entangled net configuration provides drainage and ventilation for moisture that might get trapped behind siding.

Metal Roof and Wall Flashing
Aluminum, lead and copper flashing designed for a variety of applications. Properly installed, flashing will ensure the long-term performance of any building project.

Protecto Wrap
The Protecto Wrap Company specializes in highest quality waterproofing membrane systems. Super stick building tape creates an air water barrier for scaling PVC and aluminum window fins. The BT25XL Butyl Hybrid Window & Door Sealing Tape forms a permanent waterproofing air/vapor seal around doors and windows.

House wrap made from Flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material that protects your home against water, moisture and air infiltration while still trapping moisture inside a wall.

Vycor By Grace

Butyl self-adhered flashing products helps protect windows and doors from the negative effects of water and moisture. Not for roof applications.

WeatherTrek Housewrap is a micro-perforated polyethylene membrane installed behind exterior siding to reduct air infiltration. WeatherTrek acts as a secondary defense against moisture entering walls from wind and rain.