Selectwood Perspectives

FALL 2016




A Contractor’s Tale
Not too long ago, a contractor pulled into Selectwood in a brand new, full-size pickup with enough payload, torque and horsepower to haul the Statue of Liberty up Mt. Washington. We teasingly remarked, “You think that truck’s big enough?” He defended his purchase by rattling off a laundry list of all the demands his truck had to meet – it needed this much towing strength, this much load capacity, this size bed, room for this many crew members, this many air bags, brakes that were this big, this long a warranty, etc. He concluded by saying that although it was expensive, it would save him so much time, money and headaches compared to his old truck, he’d make it back in no time.

It was then we noticed that a number of tools sitting in the bed of his truck were the brands you’d find in a Big Box store. We asked him if, when buying tools, he used the same logic he used to make his truck-buying decision. No, he said. For him, the tools were so inexpensive it was as if they were disposable. “I use one until it fails, then buy a new one.” What about Festool, we asked? “Way too expensive. I can’t justify it.” So we loaned him our personal Festool TrackSaw (portable circular saw with guide rail) and told him to try it for a while.

He came back within a few days and bought his own, plus a few other Festool products.

The moral of the story? Just because a truck or a tool is expensive doesn’t mean it’s not worth every penny. Yes, Festool products cost more, but they save you so much in time, materials and health benefits, they pay for themselves in short order.

“Of course you folks would say that,” you’re thinking. “You sell the stuff.” Yes, we do – because we truly believe in it. And don’t just take our word for it – check out what a couple Festool fanatics have to say:

Bradlee Kirkpatrick, OCHO Woodworking & Design, Portsmouth, NH.
“I’ve been using Festool products for a very long time. I own a Track Saw 65, which is so old they no longer make it – it’s been replaced by two other models – and it just keep going. I also have a 15-volt portable drill that has suffered incredible abuse and still performs great. My favorite is the Rotex 125 [multi-mode sander] that I connect to a Festool dust vacuum. I just used that combination to spiff up the bottom of a 32-foot lobster boat in no time… upside down, and no dust in my face!”

Andrew Neubauer, Neubauer Carriage Doors, Dover, NH
“I first started using Festool about 4 or 5 years ago. I’d known about the line for a while but just couldn’t get past the cost. How could a tool be that much better than the DeWalt or Rigid I was using? Then a friend loaned me his Festool sander and dust vacuum system. After using it for just a couple of days, I bought my own. I work almost exclusively with cedar and mahogany, both of which produce some pretty noxious dust. I couldn’t believe how much the Festool system reduced the dust I was being exposed to. Now I hardly ever wear glasses or a mask, and cleanup is super quick. Based on that experience, I went out and bought a bunch more Festool products – both the large and small TrackSaws, the Kapex sliding compound miter saw, a router, and the Domino joiner. I can’t say enough

About Festool
Festool is a complete supplier for all applications involving wood. Whether sawing, routing, sanding, planing or extracting dust, Festool has the ideal power tool for every application. Festool tools and accessories are designed to work together in a completely integrated system. And every accessory or component adds value, allowing you to be more productive.

Festool tools share similar characteristics with other brands. However, Festool engineers improvements on many of these tools to enhance safety, efficiency and durability. Festool also offers a variety of tools that are unique to the industry. For example, the Festool line of Domino joiners is unmatched by any other. They allow you to use loose tenon joinery – one of the simplest and most durable methods of joinery – making the Domino one of the most sought after tools in the Festool lineup.

With Festool, there is a commitment to quality, product longevity, professionalism and user comfort not found in other products. Plus each Festool machine is designed to work with the Festool HEPA dust extractors to remove wood chips and sawdust, helping to prevent inhalation of airborne dust particles that are now known to be harmful carcinogens.

Most customers – whether seasoned Festoolians or first-time users – come back to tell us how their new Festool tool has increased their productivity, making everything from set-up to cleanup a whole lot easier for them.

You can see the complete Festool line-up of power tools at, or ask us about the line the next time you’re at Selectwood.

·        Fun Festool Facts:

·        Founded in Germany in 1925

·        All tools and accessories are still built in Germany

·        Every product is designed to withstand heavy use without breaking down

·        Festool holds over 300 patents and 80 awards (and counting!)


Responsible for many firsts:

  • First portable chainsaw
  • First orbital sander
  • First portable circular saw with guide rail (a.k.a. track saw)
  • First false joint saw
  • First professional sander for profiles and edges
  • First cordless drill with brushless, electronically commutated motor
  • The undisputed leader in dust control, so you can take control of your health
  • Everything is backed by a 3-year, full factory warranty
  • Risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee