Selectwood Perspectives

Why did Selectwood choose Festool brand tools over any other?

Festool Tools: An Investment in Productivity, Profitability & Your Health

Selectwood strives to bring quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our sales staff spent a great deal of time reviewing most of the major brand power tools. The key areas we chose to look at during our decision making process - company history (not just how long they have been in business, but how have they improved the tools.) We also looked at quality, warranty, service, and compatibility.

We reached out to some of our customers to see what they had to say. We were pleased to hear that a large number of builders, craftsmen, and hobbiests not only use, but deeply believe Festool has changed the way they do business and perform their work.

Here’s what our customers had to say:

Bradlee Kirkpatrick, OCHO Woodworking & Design, Portsmouth, NH.

“I’ve been using Festool products for a very long time. I own a Track Saw 65, which is so old they no longer make it – it’s been replaced by two other models –but it just keeps going. I also have a 15-volt portable drill that has suffered incredible abuse and still performs great. My favorite is the Rotex 125 [multi-mode sander] that I connect to a Festool dust vacuum. I just used that combination to spiff up the bottom of a 32-foot lobster boat in no time… upside down, and no dust in my face!”

Andrew Neubauer, Neubauer Carriage Doors, Dover, NH

“I first started using Festool about 4 or 5 years ago. I’d known about Festool for a while, but just couldn’t get past the cost. How could a tool be that much better than the DeWalt, or Rigid, I was using? Then a friend loaned me his Festool sander and dust vacuum system. After using it for just a couple of days, I bought my own.”

“I work almost exclusively with Cedar and Mahogany, both of which produce some pretty noxious dust. I couldn’t believe how much the Festool system reduced the dust I was being exposed to. Now I hardly ever wear glasses or a dust mask, and cleanup is super quick. Based on that experience, I went out and bought more Festool products – both the large and small Track Saws, the Kapex sliding compound miter saw, a Festool router, and the Domino joiner. I can’t say enough good things about Festool.”

When it came down to it, Festool offers the most efficient system of tools on the market. On March 1, 2013, Selectwood launched an offering of the Festool System. To quote Dave Hill, our Warehouse Manager, “We wouldn’t change a thing. We have continually expanded the line to meet our customer needs. If we happen to be out of what the customer requires we will order it.”

“What Festool means to you, our customer… Value added tools to improve productivity and profitability, as well as health and safety benefits.”

At the heart of the Festool system is the dust extractors. The cost of cleaning up sawdust at the end of a job, or during for that matter is time and money wasted. Not to mention the air born particles that you breathe and settle into every nook and cranny of your work space or your customers home. Festool Dust Extractors are HEPA Certified, designed for maximum suction, and maximum capacity. Couple that with an integrated tool feature that powers the extractor on while operating tools, and you’re cleaning as you work not, after the dust has settled - this equals profit. Portability is another feature the dust extractor offers.

Systainers (the tool organizer) are a handy way to neatly, securely stack, and organize tools and accessories to the top of the extractors hose garage. This allows you to easily transport your extractor and a number of tools from your truck to the work area. There are also many accessories available for your extractor. From tool holders and cleaning kits, to a 30 foot wrapped hose with an integrated power cord for your tools.

You can see the complete Festool line-up of power tools at or ask us about the line the next time you’re at Selectwood.

Fun Festool Facts:

  • Founded in Germany in 1925
  • All tools and accessories are still built in Germany
  • Every product is designed to withstand heavy use without breaking down
  • Festool holds over 300 patents and 80 awards (and counting!)
  • The undisputed leader in dust control, so you can take control of your health
  • Everything is backed by a 3-year, full factory warranty
  • Risk-free, 30-day, money-back guarantee


Responsible for many firsts:

  • first portable chain saw
  • first orbital sander
  • first portable circular saw with guide rail (a.k.a. track saw)
  • first false joint saw
  • first professional sander for profiles and edges
  • first cordless drill with a brushless, electronically commutated motor